Trade In Your Car And Get A Horse

i want a horse funny video  <—– Can we talk about it?

Today is the day to make a drastic change in your life. It’s time to deal with your issues, once and for all, starting with your perpetual slavery to your car.

I am here to validate your repressed feelings regarding cars in general, I am here to say, it’s OK that you have been stressed-out by modern day transportation since the day you first received your driver’s licence at the age of 15. What, it was a hardship licence? That’s because you were… stressed.

Because you had to drive yourself around due to the fact of your parents divorcing so you had to take on a job at a pizza place for minimum wage, because it was 1984, and you really wanted to go see Van Halen and get front row tickets to impress that new girlfriend who was always trying to break up with you because she had better prospects, better endeavors in life, like the upperclassman who drove a black Trans Am and all you had was an El Camino, which is cool now, but back then it made you look so lame. So very, very lame.

See, I get it. I get why you secretly hate cars, and all the money that goes into them. It’s not about money, really.

It’s about your Subconscious Mind. The deep, hidden place within you, that says, … I matter. I have feelings, memories. My own opinions, some, no…many which go against the grain of modern-day society, and what’s expected of me…

Look, we can talk about this all day, but do we really want to? Do we even really need to hash it out, and discuss the other reasons why you secretly want to get rid of your car, and purchase a steady steed? A real Mustang, perhaps?

Show this blog to your wife. Tell her it’s the trendy thing to do. The environmentally-friendly, green thing.

We all need to be free of the burdens that plague us. Let’s start with cars.

Think I’m joking? Neigh!

Chocolate Rain