I Just Realized That I Don’t Have Headlice

Can I talk to you about this?

For a few years now, ever since I moved to Florida, I thought I’ve had headlice. I haven’t told anyone, why would I? It’s not like anybody comes close enough to me to get it, other than my husband, and his hair is way too thin to have lice, and my cat and dog surely wouldn’t mind, so the fact is, I have been keeping this a secret for quite some time now.

It hasn’t been consistent, it’s just …on and off itching… little grains that I thought were lice eggs all this time.

But guess what?! Today I found out, as I sat on my front porch, closely examining the steps and noticing how much sand gets tracked in the house… those are SAND GRAINS in my hair! Not in my hair, but on my scalp! YAY!!!  No wonder what I thought to be lice eggs were so strangely… translucent. I was thinking,, what manner of lice do they have here in Florida, anyway?

I breathe a sigh of relief and can now move on with my life. And yes I am sure, the things on my scalp are an exact match to the grains on my front porch steps. Which leads me to this question, how am I getting sand in my hair? It’s not like I’m out frolicking outdoors everyday. I do sit on my porch alot, and also get online out back, where the shade trees and lizards share their love with me. The wind does blow alot here, and

hold on

Should I even be writing about this?

Am I slowly but surely ruining this blog?


grains of sand <—-grains of sand

nits <—–nits